Unsaturated polyester resins

By combining more than half a century of experience with the newest technologies, the CIECH Group produces high-end unsaturated polyester resins and maintains its position as one of the largest Polish manufacturers in this segment of the chemical industry.

Saturated polyester resins

The CIECH Group began the production of unsaturated polyester resins in 2006. Thanks to the application of high manufacturing standards, the company has achieved a strong position among the suppliers of this raw material for powder paint production.

Epoxy resins

For more than 50 years, the company has been the only manufacturer of epoxy resins in Poland. In co-operation with scientific and research institutes, the CIECH Group continuously improves the production processes’ quality and extends the range of products available — all to serve the needs of its customers.

Phenol-formaldehyde resins

One of the oldest raw materials used to produce plastics. Its key properties are high durability, hardness, small vulnerability to fire and organic solvents.

Gel coats

The gel coat production process based on the newest technologies and technical devices allows the manufacture of high-end products used by the domestic and foreign industry to manufacture coloured and transparent protection coating for products based on polyester resins.

Top coats

High quality products used in the manufacturing of polyester and glass laminates and other polyester resin products used to manufacture external coatings, which gives the product an aesthetic look and protects it from destructive environmental impact (mechanical damage, weather conditions, etc.).


The product range of the CIECH Group includes mainly hardeners for epoxy resins. In Poland, the company is also the exclusive distributor of hardeners for LUPEROX® unsaturated polyester resins.


A group of products with varied viscosity and physical and chemical properties used to manufacture polyurethane products, such as rigid PUR foams, PUR adhesives etc.