Table salt

Table salt is produced from the saline solutions generated by the wet mining of natural rock salt beds. Table salt contains a minimum of 99.9% of sodium chloride and finds widespread use in the food industry.


  • Production of condiments
  • Manufacture of pastry and dairy products
  • Vegetable and fruit processing
  • Fish processing

Kuyavian Salt (“sól kujawska”), natural purity

The product is 99.8% sodium chloride, making it extremely pure. The Kuyavian salt is mined from the same deposits in the Kuyavian region in Poland that form the saline sources of the health resorts in Inowrocław and Ciechocinek. Table salt is an essential nutrient, and is available in 1 kg containers. The product has won the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” (Poland Now).


  • Household use
  • Catering and food services
  • Food industry

Nitrite salt (for pickling)

An excellent food pickling mix produced from evaporated salt. The product is widely used as a natural preservative of meats and other foods to achieve lasting freshness, good colour and the required consistency. The pickling salt prevents infestation by putrefying and pathogenic bacteria.


  • Preservation of raw and cured meats
  • Production of brine
  • Production of pickling agents

Salt tablets

The salt in odourless tablets is for use in water purification systems, e.g. to regenerate ion exchangers and multi-functional filter softeners that filter out water hardness contributors (i.e. calcium and magnesium). The product regenerates water softening equipment and removes boiler scale.


  • Food industry
  • Heat and cooling engineering sectors
  • Industrial processing

Industrial salt

One of the components used in the manufacture of detergents, washing powders and dyes. The product finds widespread use in electrolysis and the production of soda.


  • Manufacture of laundry washing powders, dishwashing liquids, soaps and detergents
  • Manufacture of dyes
  • Textile industry
  • Leather tanning
  • Winter road maintenance
  • Electrolysis and soda production

Feed salt

The product is used in agriculture and for production of animal feeds. This is an essential supplement for livestock, also used in emergency feeding of forest animals since it improves assimilation of potassium, magnesium and calcium.


  • Feed mixes and premixes
  • Feeding of livestock and forest animals

Sea salt

Manufactured by sea water evaporation, sea salt contains many mineral ingredients of value to human health.


  • Ingredient in cosmetics
  • Wellness treatment
  • Direct consumption


A very efficient mixture of sodium chloride and calcium chloride that works by absorbing ambient moisture.


  • De-icing and snow clearance
  • Melting of ice on roofs and roof gutters
  • Removal of snow drifts
  • Drying of rooms