Light and dense soda ash

Common name of sodium carbonate Na2CO3 –  inorganic chemical compound that finds wide application in the industry.


  • Component of the raw material input necessary in glass melting
  • Active filler in detergents and cleaning agents — increases the washing effect
  • Component of mineral fertilisers (sodium nitrate, superthomasine)
  • Production of inorganic sodium salt
  • Production of dyes and pigments (e.g. ultramarine)
  • Regulation and maintenance of appropriate pH values in solutions
  • Neutralisation or precipitation agent for metals and chemical compounds
  • Desulphurisation of flue gases
  • Production of sulphate pulp
  • Production of adhesives and resins
  • Water softening
  • Melting, desulphurisation and dephosphorylation agent, reducing the nitrogen content in iron and steel smelting processes